Decorate Christmas Trees

Why Do We Decorate Christmas Trees?

Every year Christmas is different, we meet the holiday with new people and experiences. But there is one thing that has never changed for centuries, and we no longer know why everything happens this way.

We are talking, of course, about decorating an evergreen tree with shiny balls, a flashlight, garlands, origami, and candies. However, this was not always the case. You could even say that the ceremony of hanging decor on Christmas trees Brooklyn is a human innovation.

Why do we have Christmas trees at Christmas?

Scientists believe that the origin of the custom is rooted in the depths of centuries, namely in those days when people were pagans. According to historical evidence, after the arrival of winter, believers decorated the ritual sites with pine needles. 

However, a small group of people in Germany developed the direct habit of setting up a Christmas tree entirely in the room around the 16th century. Over time, the locals picked up this fashionable “trend” and began decorating their homes with conifers. However, they added another innovation: the blinking lights on the Christmas trees emanating from lit candles. Thus, the first Christmas toy was a burning candle.

Soon after the reformation of the church, when several villages burned down from careless handling of such “trinkets”, people began en masse to come up with new ways to brighten up the holiday.

Why do we put up Christmas trees?

Although the practice of adding an external gloss to the main attribute of Christmas has existed since the 16-17th century, according to historians, it became widespread in the world community only in the middle of the 19th century. A Christmas tree for home decoration was Queen Victoria, who adopted this tradition from her husband’s family, the German prince Albert. An article about the Christmas tree and a picture of the queen next to her were published in the newspapers of the time. Since the ruling person was trendy among the masses, many residents of Great Britain followed her example, and then other countries. So the tradition took root in Europe, from where it eventually spread to the New World – the USA. Here the European tradition was accepted as their own and has been actively exploited in the Christmas holidays.

What exactly did the trees first decorate with?

Almost at the same time, at the end of the 19th century, people worldwide began to hang beautiful figures of snow-white angels on the top of a tree. In addition, they hung sweet apples, pears, dolls, ornaments made with their own hands, and sweets. Over time, baked muffins of various shapes began to be hung on the branches.

How did the first glass toy come about?

According to researchers of this topic, historians, the path of the first glass toy began in the 19th century in the German city of Lausch. The person to whom we owe the beauty and the choice that we have at the moment was named Hans Grinner and were a glassblower by profession. First, he blew a ball of the required shape out of fragile material and then installed lead or metal fasteners, as well as nuts and fruits on them.

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