Holy Grail

Who Were The Protectors Of The Holy Grail?

What is the Holy Grail? 

The Holy Grail is the wine bow. And depending on when the Grail appeared in European mythology, it could be this or that type of vessel – for wine, for food, or generally for cooking or drinking.

So do they drink from the Grail or do they eat from it? From the most likely predecessor of this cup, the magical cauldron from Celtic mythology, one usually ate. 

In the early texts, the grail is a kind of magical vessel that possesses miraculous properties, but no more than that. In fact, some Templar jewelry were supposed to have such properties.

Anyone who finds the Grail returns greatly transformed. The first thing those who knew him before notice is his more powerful staff and peculiar posture. In battle, he can endure much more than ordinary warriors. Mighty opponents will look upon him with fear. He will not speak often, but he will speak with authority, inspiring confidence. He knows no fear or despair. At times even magic will be powerless before him.

Knights of the Holy Grail

Every Knight of the Grail accepts the duty of guarding the holy places of the Lady of the Lake. Often they are humble places – an abandoned chapel in a dense forest, a lake, or a grove – but they are all sacred to the protectors of the holy grail. If an immoral creature enters the confines of one of these places, it will face the terrifying fury of its defender, for the Knight of the Grail will never flee from the land of the Lady of the Lake that he defends. The Knight of the Grail will leave his sanctuary only as a last resort, shunning the luxurious life of the nobility for the opportunity to serve. Although some dukes formally relinquish their rights after completing their quest for the sake of protecting holy places, many often decide that they can better guard those places by protecting the entire land, and thus retain their title and other duties

The Templars and the Holy Grail

According to researchers, there were “big gaps” in Templar history when the Ottoman Empire invaded Cyprus in the 16th century. Therefore, as such, the earliest mention of the holy grail and Templar, unfortunately, has not survived.

Since about the 1960s, all attention has been turned to the activities of the Order and what relics and the Templar jewelry may have been found. Do the Templar own the holy grail today? It is believed that they took the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant, which was never found. Many believe that the location is the holy grail secrets of the Templar. Or perhaps it did not exist at all? So we only have to guess. And did the Templar have possession of the holy grail? The answer is unquestionable yes! That is what rents incredible willpower and energy.