What the Internet Users Will Do for “Likes”?

What would internet users do for social media likes? Naturally, they are ready to perform a number of strange things from buying the used iPhone 8 for taking a photo of better quality, to asking their friends for the «like for like» and «follow for following» agreements.

So, here we are to figure out why it is necessary and what the most effective ways are for people do to get more likes from their followers. Be sure, this post is worth reading!

Why Do People Like Social Media?

Seeking approval is the first reason why people like social media. And as you know, virtual attention is a growing power that impacts your mentally. What is more, it may impact you physically as well. Every positive response to your social media activity provokes an increase of dopamine in your blood. In its turn, according to the psychology of social media, this hormone makes you addicted.

No less attractive is the ability of social media to make you more socialized. A social media psychologist notes that dependence from likes is the most common symptom among the low self-esteem people. These people want to reach the desired number of likes and use different methods.

What Do Insecure People Post On Facebook?

When surfing the Internet you may come across a number of signs of insecurity on facebook. The most common between them are relationships post updates, the shows of material possession, or the post of any kind of achievement. The thing is, that celebrating a major event in your life is great. But who cares that you finally get the latest camera or phone? If you are having a romantic evening with your date, then do it just for the two of you. Not for the thousands of your followers to like your photo. Privacy is an important issue.

The one more sign of insecurity is the constant checking in. It works as well as sharing everything you like. The social media psychologist says that people tend to do this because of a lack of attention and solitude. This phenomenon is also called overcompensating due to insecurity.

What Are The Most Commonly Used Ways To Get More Likes?

There are many methods on how to increase the popularity online. But the key to success is the understanding that social media’s success depends on the quality of content. No matter what strategy you find online, it won’t work if you don’t post things, which are worth liking.

Here are the top 10 steps you need to know before posting the information on your profile. The most effective ways how to get more likes are written below.

1. To post high-quality photos;

2. To use the same theme and filters to your profile photos;

3. To share your profile in other social media areas;

4. To use the most popular hashtags;

5. To tag your location;

6. To take a partnership with the influenced person;

7. To tag influential accounts;

8. To post attention-grabbing quotes;

9. To comment on popular photos and blogs;

10. To follow more people.