Furniture Industry

The Latest Innovations in Furniture Industry

In today’s world, technology has a huge impact on the furniture industry. The manufacturers design urban furniture, using a totally new structure. The most important techniques that were changed by technology are materials and processing. 

Manufacturers are now able to design versatile and portable furniture like modern restaurant tables used for the patios. It has also given rise to the trend of online shopping. There are numerous online furniture stores making the competition fierce. 

More and more designers are defined by the frequent use of technology. Nowadays, customers prefer designers who use the latest equipment rather than using traditional techniques. This indicates the significance of technology in the furniture industry. 

The line between furniture and tech is becoming blurred as homes are adapted to our evolving lifestyles. There is an impressive amount of innovative fittings to any taste and budget. Here are some of the current trends. 

Portable Furniture

Previously, homeowners had difficulty in moving their furniture within the house or even when relocating. They used to hire extra help or ask their friends to help them.

The perfect solution to these problems is portable furniture. Now people can easily change the setting of their home as well as conveniently shift their house. This is because portable furniture can be moved without any trouble. The portable furniture is light in weight, making it easy for everyone to move it around the house. 

Easy to Assemble

Another latest innovation in the furniture industry is the assembling of furniture. Previously, assembling your furniture was a challenging task because there were so many small pieces. Thanks to the technological advancement, it is now extremely easy to assemble the furniture pieces and less time-consuming. 

Inbuilt and Invisible Technology

In today’s advanced world, technology has impacted the furniture industry. Most of the furniture offers several in-built technologies, such as LED light, USB ports, and charging capability.

There is no doubt that we are moving towards a house with technology everywhere. In near future, our homes will be technologically smart and sophisticated. The furniture has not only inbuilt technology, but it is invisible as well. Fonesalesman has designed a side table that is not only minimalist but comes with a concealed charging device. IKEA launched developed a collection of charging furniture. These furniture innovations have eliminated the need for a charger at your house. There are lighting panels, LED bulbs, and a door that can be controlled by a remote control. 

Samsung has come up with a great idea of concealed TV. The Frame is Samsung’s new TV that looks like a framed are when it is switched off. Moreover, the TV has sensors that turn off the TV when you leave the room. 

The entertainment consoles come with many technology-driven features. Technology is not only restricted to entertainments centers, but it can be seen accent tables, bed, and other furniture. The new furniture designs now offer interactive features.

Interactive beds are designed to monitor the sleeping patterns. This is an excellent feature that will let us keep track of our sleeping routine. There are other features that can be found in the found in the furniture. The latest furniture has the ability to control climate, LED lighting, motion sensor, vibro massage system, and many more. To make it easy to control the setting, you will just need to connect your tablet or smartphone. 

The Smart Home Assistant is a great example of an interactive and intelligent system. Though it is in infant phase, it will be able to control furniture. Soon, we will have an AI with a personality and presence in our homes. With the passage of time, the AI will get more intelligent and smarter. It will get in tune with our routine and requirements, from our temperature preference to food choices. 

Going Green 

Many furniture companies are going green by creating eco-friendly furniture. The global awareness of environmental issues is driving this trend. Since the demand for environment-friendly furniture is increasing, many manufacturers are making such products. This is one of the reasons why eco-friendly furniture is expensive. The eco-friendly furniture is free of harmful and dangerous chemicals that are safe for indoor use. 

For instance, a Tent chair developed by Benjamin Hubert is considered to be the most advanced upholstery. For the production of this chair, recyclable nylon is used. In addition, the chair utilizes sailing ropes and lightweight steel frame. 


Since the living spaces are shrinking in size, people are interested in buying smaller profile furniture. The large sized furniture seems out of place and takes up more space in the homes. This is why customers are interested in getting contemporary and less ornate furniture. 

Multi-functional and Ergonomic

In recent times, people are living in single-two-person households. This has given a boost to the demand for versatile and small furniture. The small living spaces gave rise to the multifunctional furniture. Since the living space is limited, people want to have a furniture that can perform multiple tasks. 

Most homeowners look for storage space, this will help them keep their home clutter-free. There was a time when you could get storage space under the bed. Nowadays, you can get storage space under tables and entertainment consoles. 

Hence, the furniture is not only versatile but ergonomic as well. 

Mass Customization

One of the most important innovations the furniture industry has experienced is mass customization. With the help of new technology, such as 3D printing, creating personalized space is convenient. For mass personalization, you can use apps that will enable you to customize the furniture in accordance with your space and requirements. 

Direct Shipping

Manufacturers are streamlining the shipment process and shifting to direct shipping. This will help to reduce the shipping cost for both the customers and manufacturers. 


Technology is changing the world and there is no doubt that the furniture industry will have to evolve to meet the requirements of their customers. Though these changes are not visible at the time, the future furniture will be quite different from today’s furniture. That is why these are some of the innovations the furniture industry went through.