Magic Mushrooms

Microdosing Magic Mushrooms: Benefits And Risks

Nowadays, miscrodosing shrooms have become a quite common method to improve your mental health condition. This process includes the practice of taking low doses of psychedelic substances. Among the benefits users define increasing creativity, focus improving, reduction of anxiety, helping with depression, etc. Still, the potential risks also exist, and they can have a bad influence on your both physical and mental health. Let’s discover the main microdosing psychedelics risks and concerns, as well as the benefits of microdosing.

What are the benefits of microdosing magic mushrooms?

Users found microdosing shrooms a great way to improve their general well-being. Mental health advantages are also on the list of microdosing benefits. Some research confirmed that low doses of psychedelic mushrooms even help the patients to resist the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, including attacks of anxiety and fear.

 However, the studies in this area are that little that we can just refer to the user’s experience – read about pros below.

1. Energy increasing.

2. Improving concentration and focus.

3. Improving brain function.

4. Help to quit ad habits, like smoking.

5. Reduction of anxiety and symptoms of stress.

6. Improving mood and enthusiasm.

7. Creativity increasing.

8. Social advantages, like establishing social ties.

9. Reduction of muscle spasms.

10. Enhancement of performance.

What risks are there in microdosing magic mushrooms?

Microdosing magic mushrooms won’t suit every user – that’s true. Taking shrooms can be quite dangerous especially for people with pre-existing mental disorders, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and some others since the active ingredient containing in magic mushrooms called psilocybin can easily stimulate the symptoms and make the situation even worst. Another challenge is that psychedelic mushrooms are still illegal in some states, so check up on the law of your country before you decided to take magic mushrooms.

Although side effects caused by shrooms are not likely to appear – psilocybin is considering a non-psychoactive substance, that means it won’t have an impact directly on your brain. Nonetheless, the small doses of shrooms in most cases won’t lead to downsides – an overdose of magic mushrooms has more serious consequences on your health condition.

Another potential microdosing risk is a wrong recognition of magic mushrooms and eating poisonous mushrooms by mistake. It is not a secret that mushroom poisoning leads to serious health problems that in some cases can have a lethal outcome. So, be careful while recognition of psychedelic mushrooms.

Here are important risks to know about microdosing of magic mushrooms to deal with:

1. Risk of getting a bad psychedelic trip;

2. Cardiovascular risks;

3. Focus on decreasing;

4. Increasing of symptoms;

5. Increasing of anxiety attacks;

6. Social and cognitive interference;

7. Physiological or psychological discomfort.

Final thoughts

To sum it up, one may suggest that microdosing of magic mushrooms has a good influence on human general health conditions, according to the user’s reports. In addition, psilocybin won’t cause an addiction, and it doesn’t have a lot of side effects that are likely to appear. Still, magic mushrooms can have potential downsides for sensitive people as well as for people with pre-existing mental health disorders. Make sure, you avoid overdosing on shrooms too.