prepare for packers

How To Prepare For Movers

Moving to a new home requires some effort and time, but a moving day is likely to pass hassle-free once you hire a professional moving company. Herewith, it is essential to understand the preparation process before the full-service movers will come to you. 

Don`t wait for the last minute before your movers arrive – planning and packing stuff in advance is key to success. If you have a checklist for packing your items, it will also help you stay organized among numerous carton boxes. Keep reading to discover a few fundamental things on how to pack for movers.

How to prepare for packers?

  1. Pack your stuff properly

Packing your belongings is an essential part of your moving, although you can apply to the professionals for the packing services. You need to stock up with robust boxes of different sizes, as well as bubble wrap for fragile items. Besides, make sure you have a few plastic bins for electronics and clothes, while telescope boxes are essential to pack your TVs and mirrors. 

Don`t forget to label all the boxes to ensure your unpacking process will simplify. The better and more secure you pack your belongings, the fewer chances your movers have to damage anything.

  1. Prepare your home

Another essential thing for how to prepare for full service movers is to get ready for your house. Regardless of the weather outside, it would be better to cover parquet floors with a blanket to minimize damage. Additionally, if it is raining or snowing outside, you need to protect your house from water damage. 

For this, you can cover the hallway and entryway with a tarpaulin or a large blanket. Finally, if it is slippery near your entry doors and in your yard due to the snowy weather, movers will greatly appreciate it if you strew walkways with some salt or sand.

  1. Find out whether furniture will go through the doors

Movers are likely to bring your furniture to a new home, so they need to know whether it will fit the doorways. Your task is to measure any bulky items and find out if they suit the doors in the house. If not, warn your moving company so they can take some required tools.

  1. Treat your children

Being engaged in moving to a new house and looking after your toddler is a true challenge. To avoid any stress for you and your kids, it appears like a good idea to hire a babysitter or just ask a friend or relative to stay with your children for a while. Thus, you can focus more on packing items and organizing your move.

  1. Don`t forget about pets

Your movers will load and unload their trucks and keep your door open, and this is an excellent opportunity for pets to get out of a house. To avoid looking for your cat or dog in the suburbs, make sure you use a crate for a pet or ask a friend to treat your pet during your moving day.