Tension Headaches

How To Ease Tension Headaches ?

Stress, anxiety, and diet are the main reasons for headaches. If you relieve tense muscles, you will be able to ease tension and reduce the problem.  In case you suffer from tension headaches you may be very sensitive, sleepy, irritated and, what is more, sensitive to sound or light from your favorite hologram lamp. To slightly relieve tension headache it is recommended to sit or rest in a calm, dimly lit room. If you have no painkiller near you, do not worry. Just lay down, close your eyes, and try to relax your neck, shoulders, hands, and legs. Try to think about something positive that can boost your mood. Then, move to the next steps that will be useful to try when suffering from intense headaches.


Do you know that caffeine is not only a great assistant to wake up but also an excellent solution to help pain relief drugs work faster, better and more effective? It is often an ingredient in pain medications. Pay attention to its effect on you, as for some people it can be more harmful than useful.


It is not a secret that one of the main reasons that lead to headaches is stress. Mental imagery techniques, yoga, deep breathing exercises, and other physical therapy can quickly help you to deal with stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Take a couple of deep breaths. Try to breathe slowly, relaxing those areas that feel cramped when imaging a peaceful scene. Drop your chin towards your chest and move your head from one side to another (do it as slowly as possible). Take another deep breath and let the air out slowly.

Heat or Cold

You can treat a headache with heat or cold. Both heat and cold can relieve tension and provide me with your body with a calming effect. You can quickly get rid of a headache with the help of hot shower, hot water bottle, warm compress or warm wet towel. If not, you can put moist heat on the back of the neck. In case you belong to those people who need cold to relieve tension, then use ice. Wrap it in a towel and put it where you hurt.


Physical activity can also help you to get rid of an irritating headache. However, how to relieve tension headache? Try to do some neck exercises: put your palm on your forehead and with the help of neck muscles, press your head against your palm.

Acupressure Technique

How to get rid of tension headaches with acupressure technique? Acupressure technique is beneficial for easing the pain. Place thumbs near the base of the skull and find the depression of both sides of your neck where it meets your head. Then, press upward with your thumbs until you experience sight pressure.  Move thumbs in small circles when pressing for 2 minutes.

It is easy to ease tension and get headache relief when you have no painkillers near you. Just try one of the techniques mentioned above and get rid of a headache.