Design A Poster

How To Design A Poster In Six Steps?

Today posters are widely used in different areas, not only for movies, thanks to their great visual aspect. Poster design ideas are suitable for education, politics, announcements of events, etc. Whether you want to get a wonderful poster for a specific purpose, go for poster printing and enjoy the process of making a unique poster design. However, you can make some effort and try to create a poster on your own. Here is a quick guide to the design of a poster.

1. Build your foundation

It firstly goes for a pre-design stage. It means that you need to figure out the concept of a future graphic design poster as well as an idea, message you want to send, and research of a potential audience. You need to build steps for achieving the desired result – a strategy for designing your poster will make the process itself more organized. So, the first step while design a poster is building a base.

2. Draft an outline

Remember that all the information on the poster should be easy to understand, and it is not necessary to point all the details. Choose a laconic title in order to make the right impression on the audience. For example, if it is an event poster design, you need to mention the name of the event, date, place, and dress code. No more details! This rule will make your headlines more interesting and intriguing.

3. Choose your color scheme

A color theme is perhaps the most important detail on which the poster’s design is based. You need to choose one main color and some others to create a good visual benefit for your poster. It works in a next way – your key color should take 60 percent of the poster while other colors should take 30 and 10 percent of your design. Elaborating on the right color scheme will make a poster more attractive to the viewers.

4. Add your images

If we talk about the poster’s design, keep in mind that pictures can say much more than lyrics. So, choosing the right photograph is key. You need to refer to the high-quality pictures that will be suitable for your concept. For instance, a poster of the university will require a picture of the university itself.

5. Add your copy and graphics

The typefaces are no less important detail while designing your own poster. You need to choose suitable fonts, but don’t use them more than two different. Whether it will be serif, sans serif, or script, fully depends on the theme of your poster. The placement and size of the text are also a detail you should think about.

6. Make sure your CTA stands out

Your call to action should be easy to notice – this way you will attract the attention of the audience. Make your own CTA apparent, and you will get an admired result.