Fun Facts You Need To Know About Coatis

The South American coati is one of the loveliest animals you have ever met before. They are high energy and cute creatures. What is a coatimundi animal? What do coatis eat? Where does coatimundi live? All the answers to these questions and other interesting coatimundi facts we are going to figure out in this article. Be sure, it is fun enough to read it to the very end.

1. Coati mundi lives in bands.
As a rule, they live in South, Central, and North America. Their not large but loose bands consist of 15 to 25 individuals. 

2. When the member of coatis’ group is surprised he shares his impressions with others.
During the emotional excitement, every member of the community climbs high and emits special clicks.

3. They express different feelings. As well as a surprise they express the mood and even warn other members about the danger. When coatis feel the threat, they make chirping and grunting noises. It helps every member of the band to be on alert.

4. Coatis look funny. They have a sensitive long snout. This snout is swivel and may be turned up to 60 degrees. What is more, they have bear-like paws which help coatis to pick the objects from the ground with ease. This ability is also essential for them as it allows coatis to feed.

5. Coatis are omnivores. It means that they eat not only plants but the other animals as well. Their diet consists mainly of seeds, roots, leaves, fruits, and nuts. But small birds, insects, amphibians, reptiles, and other fish species are also in their daily ratio.

6. These pretty creatures become very aggressive when they see a threat from potential predators. As a rule, they suffer from the big wild animals such as jaguars, pumas, and crocodiles. But even with the big difference in weight and opportunities, coatis do their best to prevent the members of their band from danger. The sharp teeth and long claws are the best weapons for them in the fight.

7. Coatis are hunted by a number of wild animal species. However, they can live until 8 years of age in the wild and up to 15 years in better living conditions.

8. Females live in groups when males are more solitary creatures. Male meets with the female coatis only during the mating season. This season begins at the same time as the rainy season. Zoologist says it is because of the plentiful food supply.

9. Coatis are careful mothers. Well, it is one of the most interesting of coati animal facts. Coatis are pregnant for around 11 weeks. What is more, they usually end up at the same time. Female coatis give birth to their babies just between 2 to 7 offspring. And they have a responsible attitude to this event.  Before giving birth, the pregnant coatis build a special nest on a tree or a somewhere high in the mountains. In this haven, she remains to wait till the day of the birth.

10. Coatis bring their babies up in the band. When the young coatis are 6 weeks old, they rejoin the community with their mummies. After that, they stay in the band. The older coatis teach babies how to hunt and survive in wild nature. It continues until the baby coatimundis reach sexual maturity. Female coatis reach sexual maturity in the age of 2 years, but the males do it in a year.