Family-Based Green Card

Family-Based Green Card | All You Need to Know

Green cards are used for having the permanent residency status in foreign countries. The family based green card is issued to make sure that you are the permanent citizen of the US state or you are the permanent resident here. People who want to immigrate to the US state must use the family green card or expert visa because this card shows that you are permanently working or live in this state. If someone wants to get the green card easily, he/she can join the Green Card Lottery.

What Is The Purpose Of A Green Card?

Those who get a green card through family can find the benefit that they can immigrate and stay in the US state as long as they wish to stay. They must know what the basic requirements must be fulfilled for a green card. There are different categories for which the green card can be made like a green card for parents or children etc. For each category, there will be a different process and different time span that will be needed to complete a process. The family based green card processing time for parents is comparatively less as compared to the other categories. Know the requirements for green card before applying. 

A green card is a basic requirement that should be needed if someone is going to the USA. People who go for a purpose of the job, will not get enough freedom as they have also some restrictions. He must apply for green card for parents of US citizen to get enough freedom. When his green card will build, he can stay at the place where he wants and for as long as he wishes to stay. There is a special process that you have to be done and all this process will be supervised under US immigration authorities. 

Rights and Responsibilities

Whenever you will apply for the family-based green car, there will be several rights that will be given to you but there will be also some responsibilities that you must have to fulfill. Having a family green card will ensure your stay at the USA and you will have a right to stay there for a long time or permanently. Your responsibility after getting the green card through the family is that you have to pay the yearly tax that will not ensure your permanent stay but also will be proof of your permanent citizen.

For How Much Time Will Your Card Be Valid?

Just like your driving license and ID card, your green card will also need to be renewed.  We know that green card is valid for a lifetime, but you have to renew it after every ten years. It is the rule and you must follow it. Renewing is the sign or identity that you are still living there, and you are a permanent citizen. 

Hence, it can say that if someone wishes to have a green card, he must know the green card requirements. If he will follow all rules and regulations, he will not find any difficult to get a green card.