Design Greeting Card

Design Greeting Card: 5 Tips That Actually Work

Some marketers seem to forget about an email service that we could use to promote products and services. With digital technology, most forms of advertising and promotion are done online. However, there is no harm in using other tools to add to your online promotions.

And if you’re looking for a new way to reach your audience, we suggest you try exploring card marketing. Having your mailing list helps to classify the recipients of your postcards – by age, gender, location, interests, which, in turn, gives your postcards more chances to reach the right people. So, in our article below, you can learn about tips for how to make your own greeting cards to sell and how to design your own greeting cards? In fact, the services of stationery printing San Francisco could come in handy as well.


The very first and most important step in creating your invitation card is to choose the appropriate sketch. First, think about what you associate the upcoming celebration with. What images will be appropriate to use so that guests understand the reason correctly? An abstract drawing will be a neutral and always appropriate option. Of course, before you create a design, you need to determine the type of card. You can create any kind of card yourself using online services or programs like Photoshop. But before starting development, it is important to understand the features of their design. Next, you will learn how different types of postcards differ, and what to look for when creating them.

Color matching

Choose the appropriate color scheme. This is quite a controversial issue because everyone has individual tastes. Some associate black with mourning, others see it as formality and austerity.

The design of a greeting card can be very bold and colorful. Trends are constantly changing, but one thing remains unchanged – greeting cards are always associated with pleasant emotions in people. This should be reflected in the design. It is optimal to choose “colors of joy” for a card in this direction – yellow, red, blue, orange, etc. It is optimal to choose thematic images as elements. For example, pictures of doves, flowers, rings, etc. are great for printable greeting cards for a wedding.

Leave space

Note that creating too many illustrations in critical areas will limit the space for different captions or notes. Although, your design greeting cards do not have clear rules, but think about convenience and do not ignore this advice.

Vertical or horizontal layouts

Vertical cards have a more traditional look for people. With this type of card, you can save space and look more traditional and balanced. However, this does not apply to cards that you would like to hand out by hand or by mail.

Ask for feedback

After all the steps are completed, do not rush to print greeting cards. Feedback from friends, acquaintances, or co-workers is very important to understand if you were able to convey the meaning of the card. You do not need to say what the card is for, give them a chance to guess for themselves. If people still had a hard time guessing, then think about reworking your greeting cards design.