Skate Shoes

Defining Long-Lasting Skate Shoes Criteria

When F Scott Fitzgerald was writing “the great Gatsby” in the 1920’s, the streets of New York were filled with children busy playing knock ginger and Marco polo in their leisure time but today’s New York is gossip girl’s, New York. When teenagers are not busy going to malls and art galleries, they indulge themselves in a “cooler” pastime, which for some is skateboarding! While it was standard practice riding the board barefoot some 20 years ago, our teenyboppers today prefer using skate shoes instead, we wouldn’t want those feet getting injured, would we?

Objectives and Personalization: The Best Brands

Often times you just walk into an active skate shop and conveniently buy shoes along with other skating equipment such as pads and skateboards. But what should one be looking for when buying durable skate shoes? It all depends on your style of skating, if you’re into aerials you should get cupsoles, a type that will provide the thick sole needed for a high impact. If you’re the type who’s into casual skating and backflips, getting the lighter vulcanized type would be a better idea. Making sure the sole is made with high quality/high grip rubber would go a long way to ensure the durability of the shoes and if you’re wondering where to get these from, look no further! Adidas, Vans, Supra, and Nike are companies known to produce high-quality skate shoes. Cushioning is another important component when determining longevity, one should look for shoes with midsoles made from PU foam for higher durability and dual heel cushioning would also help. If you’re a woman looking to buy skate shoes, you might be in luck because more and more companies are coming up with shoe lines specifically catering to your needs. Adidas released its Match court RX Nora designed by Nora Vasconcellos, the first professional woman skateboarder, its uniqueness stems from its design and unique pressure point sensitivity catering specifically to women. Women line come in versatile color schemes and designs but one should look for all the aforementioned features to ensure the best bang for your buck!

The Perfect Fit: Notable Features and Prices

There are a plethora of other features to look out for that will not only pimp your shoes but also increase their quality. Buying shoes with lace guards will help in preserving lace quality and limit wear and tear of your laces. Also, make sure the product that you are buying has a high durability cloth material with preferably triple stitching and a thick gum rubber sole for the high board to sole grip ratio. Now let us take a quick look at the different prices of skate shoes and possible sale bargains. The typical men’s skate shoe ranges from about $30-$150, which in the age of designer sporting shoes that cost hundreds of dollars isn’t expensive at all. With black Friday just around the corner Adidas, Nike and Vans are expected to have sales up to 30% off. Some skate shoes to look out for this holiday season are: Nike SB Koston Hyper feel 3, Vans 50th Sk8-Hi Reissue ProandDC Evan Smith Hi High-Top just to name a few. 


In conclusion, if one follows these conventions closely when buying skate shoes it can ensure that your purchase is not only durable and long-lasting but is comfortable and fashionable. Happy skateboarding everyone!