Harry Potter Christmas tree

5 Tips To Create A `Happy Potter`- Themed Christmas Tree

Whether you are a true fan of a series of films about a magician, Harry Potter, you are likely to dive into the fantastic atmosphere of Hogwarts during the winter season. Do you want to decorate your home on Christmas Eve in a Harry Potter style? Well, then you need to start with a Christmas tree. Buy a Christmas tree near me to get the first and foremost attribute of the Christmas holidays! Now, let’s discover the best Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree ideas to bring a magic spirit to your house.

  1. Get a tree skirt in the style of Harry Potter

The Harry Potter Christmas tree decorating starts from the bottom, so you need to pick up a suitable tree skirt. When it comes to the theme of Harry Potter, the best idea is to get a skirt with recognizable attributes of your favorite movie. It can be the printed or embroidered picture of Hogwarts castle that will undoubtedly add magic to the atmosphere on Christmas Eve. The tree skirts with the emblems of Hogwarts houses, as Gryffindor or Slytherin, will look great too.

  1. Choose some magical lights

Decorate your mini Harry Potter Christmas tree with unique lights and garlands that can be linked with the different elements related to this franchise. You can focus on the illumination with coverings of your favorite house – Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. Besides, the lights might be in shapes of letters that represent the acceptance of Harry Potter in Hogwarts as well.

2. Get the ornaments in the style of Harry Potter

The Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree won’t go without colorful ornaments – you can choose Christmas tree toys with the Hogwarts crest or emblems of houses. The decorations in the shapes of letters are an excellent idea too. Additionally, you can consider the Christmas tree toys in the figures of your favorite characters. The knitted or glass figurines of Harry Potter and his friends will be the best addition to your Christmas tree.

3. Harry Potter Christmas tree topper

The Christmas tree won’t look that magical without the lovely tree topper. Refer to the toppers in the shape of Hogwarts castle – it seems extraordinary and magical. But, whether you want to complete your Christmas tree Harry Potter style uniquely, then the tree topper in the shape of The Sorting Hat will suit you the most! Let your Christmas tree look mysterious and fantastic with the topper that represents the attributes of your favorite franchise.

4. Complete the decorating with some ribbons

According to your color theme, you can make excellent compositions using ribbons to create additional décor elements. You can make green ribbon bows once your Christmas tree is decorated according to the Slytherin concept. Nonetheless, any dark colors for ribbons suit the Harry Potter Christmas tree well.