Customer Feedback

10 Effective Methods How to Get Quality Customer Feedback

Every site owner realizes the importance of the customer online survey. First, it contributes to the improvement of your service and helps to avoid bad reviews as well. This means, unsatisfied customers, share their experience with 8-10 others. As a rule, it has bad consequences for your brand.

Well, how to get customer feedback? What are the top 10 methods of how to do this? In this article, we are to find all the answers!

1. Use an Email Survey

It is one of the most frequently used methods on how to get customer feedback. The best time to send the email survey is just after the customer purchased something or got his delivery. But keep in mind that it should be only a one-time procedure.

2. Send SMS Survey

Nowadays, people are always a few steps away from their phones. Well, it is obvious that SMS is a great method of getting feedback from customers. Send it and get your feedback right now!

3.    Call Your Customers

Naturally, it seems to be one of the most personalized customer feedback methods among others. It makes each customer feel valued. But remember that it is important to call your customers at an appropriate time not to irritate them.

4. Made the Customer Feedback Forum on Your Site

Available forum or community for feedback is important because it simplifies the process of interacting with every customer. Placed on your website, the customer feedback forum is a great chance for your visitors to show their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your service.

5. Social Media Monitoring

Presumably, your customers are active users of Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter. So, why not to use this cheap but very efficient method to interact with them? Just engage with your regular visitors, and you will get your feedback soon.

6. Use the Net Promoter Score

With the help of a scale of 1-10, you will get information on whether your visitors would recommend your site or not. In its turn, it is a great opportunity to know how they feel about your service and company.

7. Use Feedback Monitoring

Instead of asking you will get an opportunity to see what people are commenting about your service on other sites and apps. Well, monitor other sites, and you will get a lot of useful information.

8. Display Customer Feedback

Displaying customers feedbacks may be very beneficial for your site. It not only serves as motivation to the person who shared it, but it makes every feedback in a great value for you as the owner of the site as well. So, do not hesitate and do it now!

9. Give the “Human” Touch to Your Survey

Most of the online surveys look rather impersonal. So, a piece of good advice is to make every question of your survey more personalized. As a result, you will improve the general impression of your company work and visitors will be more forthright giving their feedbacks.

10. Delay Asking For Feedback

Many companies make a huge mistake when asking for immediate feedbacks about the work of a site. That is why it is good to wait for some time until the impression of the purchase becomes more accurate and thoughtful. So, wait for a week or two, and you will definitely get the complete feedback.